Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is Play Therapy?

Q: My child's school counselor suggested play therapy for my child who is anxious. I have to admit, it sounds strange. Can you tell me more about what play therapy is and how it works?

A. These questions are not uncommon for us as Play Therapists to hear. Oftentimes we are asked, "Does playing with a child really help them?" The answer to this question is absolutely!

Play therapy is designed to meet a child on their level. The basic assumption of play therapy is that play is a child's language and the toys are their words. Dr. Gary Landreth, the father of play therapy, says, "Children's feelings often are inaccessible at a verbal level. Developmentally they lack the cognitive, verbal facility to express what they feel, and emotionally they are not able to focus on the intensity of what they feel in a manner that can be expressed adequately in a verbal exchange."

Rod Marshall, Director, Pathways Professional Counseling/VP of ABCH, talks more about play therapy in the video below. Watch and listen as he explains more about how play therapy works.

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