Thursday, July 1, 2010

Helping Children Deal With Divorce

Q: My spouse and I are going through a divorce. We both love our children very much. Our youngest son has been acting different lately. What should we do?

A: Sometimes, when there is a major change in a child’s life, they communicate their feelings about it through behavior rather than words. Maybe your son is easily angered, you have seen a change in his grades, or you have seen regression such as wetting the bed or acting younger than his age. You can help your son by modeling healthy coping strategies such as counting to ten when angered or relaxing through writing or drawing. You can also give him a safe place to talk about anything he is experiencing. It is vital that you never speak negatively about the other parent.

Just as you would take your child to the doctor when you see ongoing symptoms of physical sickness, you might consider calling a professional counselor for a “check-up” if you see a noticeable change in his behavior for several weeks. A professional can help you determine how serious these behaviors are and give you tips to help you aid your child during this difficult time.

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