Thursday, July 15, 2010

Children with Nervousness and Anxiety

Q: My child is displaying some signs of nervousness or anxiety. How can I help him?

A: Anxiety can be signaled by sweaty palms, fast heartbeat, racing thoughts and other symptoms. Find hope that many people experience it and it can be manageable for adults and children.

As a parent, strive to make your home a predictable, consistent, calming environment. Share your expectations concerning rules and chores. If your child is stressed or anxious, encourage him to draw or journal about his feelings. Make a list of people who he can talk to about the problem. Practice calming breathing exercises together and get some fresh air. Above all, remember your children watch to see how you manage anxiety. Healthy habits include exercising, talking to a friend, and having a community of believers to rely on who can point you to Scripture and will pray with and for you.

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